29th March 2017

About Us

As an experienced wedding coordination and creative floral design company, we understand the importance of your wedding day and every little detail that comes with it. With a refined taste for style, we will collaborate with you to brainstorm ideas with the goal of creating a unique and exceptional wedding. All of this comes from our fervent passion for anything weddings and flowers, whether it be the arranging of roses and lilies, or styling and matching the satin linens to the golden backdrops. Whatever your heart desires, we can help you make it happen!


When passion and skill work together, the end result is often a masterpiece.


As owner of Pristine, my mission is to provide you with my undivided attention while listening to your wedding and floral needs. As your dedicated wedding consultant and floral designer, I will work with you to transform your vision into reality through my creative inspiration and expertise.


About Me

After I graduated from secondary school, I found myself allured by the call of the entrepreneurial life. I soon realized that I wanted to work for myself and run my own business. When planning a mock wedding in a project management class in secondary school, I was absolutely besotted with wedding planning.

Eventually, I got engaged and my personal wedding planning began. I was so excited about it that I planned every detail in less than six months despite having become engaged thirteen months prior to my actual wedding date. Obsessed, a little? Perhaps. Yet, it was that very drive and desire for wedding planning that made me admit to myself that I had to turn a passion into my life’s purpose – to help others plan the most pivotal and incredible day of their lives. I acted upon it and obtained my certification with WPIC.

When Pristine was first born, it operated as a full service wedding and event planning company, but as I gained my experience, I soon realized my true passion: creating floral masterpieces. After obtaining my floral design certificate with The Wedding Decorators, I decided to streamline Pristine by offering wedding consults and wedding day management services in order to include my floral design services. Together, weddings and flowers are my TRUE passion, and now I cannot wait to create YOUR masterpiece!

Patricia, Owner